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Supplying Artwork For Print

Supplying Artwork For Print Culcheth, Warrington

Supplying Artwork For Print

Safe Area

Make sure any text or sensitive information is contained in the box otherwise it could get cut off.


This is where we aim to cut your cards.

Bleed Area

We cut the bleed area off your print to avoid white stripes on the edge. Make sure any images or colours fill this area.

Popular Print Sizes

Size: Page: Trim:
Business Card 88 x 58mm 85 x 55mm
1/3 A4 213 x 102mm 210 x 99mm
A7 77 x 108mm 74 x 105mm
A6 108 x 151mm 105 x 148mm
A5 151 x 213mm 148 x 210mm
A4 213 x 300mm 210 x 297mm
A3 300 x 423mm 297 x 420mm
A2 423 x 597mm 420 x 594mm
A1 597 x 844mm 594 x 841mm
A0 844 x 1191mm 841 x 1189mm

About PPM Print

PPM provide a huge range of printed products and services with a 24 hour turn around. Our products range from business cards, business stationery (including letterheads and compliment slips), leaflets and flyers through to point of sale and promotional printing.

Our Location

We are based on Warrington Road in Culcheth and offer print and stationery services to the surrounding areas including, Leigh, Croft, Glazebury, Glazebrook, Irlam and Warrington.

Services & Help

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Artwork Guide

It's very important that you set your page size correctly. See our Artwork Guide here.


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