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Artwork Graphic Design

Here at PPM, we know that brand consistency is key to a good business model and we know that personal projects are just that… personal!Aside from our print expertise, we are unique in being able to offer a bespoke design service while designing with the end product in mind.We get to know you and your project to be able to come up with a final design that will be perfectly customised to get the best results.

All artwork is charged at £40 +VAT per hour. This is split down into quarter hourly slots (charged at £10+VAT per 15 mins). While excellent design is important, we also know that all projects have a budget, so we’ve created the below guides for you to work out estimate times and prices for our products and services, so that you have a rough idea on starting prices before beginning.We always advise on discussing your project with a member of our team in order to get a more accurate estimate.


Business Essentials

Business Stationery

Business Cards (Single Sided) 15mins – 30mins
Business Cards (Double Sided) 30mins – 45 mins
Compliment Slips 15mins
Letterheads 15mins
Address / Logo Labels 15mins


A4 Flyers (Single Sided) 15mins – 30mins
A4 Flyers (Double Sided) 30 mins – 60 mins
A5 Flyers (Single Sided) 15mins – 30mins
A5 Flyers (Double Sided) 30 mins – 60 mins
A6 Flyers (Single Sided) 15mins – 30mins
A6 Flyers (Double Sided) 30 mins – 45 mins


A4 4 Page Folded Leaflet 60mins – 90mins
A5 4 Page Folded Leaflet 60mins – 75mins
A6 4 Page Folded Leaflet 45mins – 60mins
DL 4 Page Folded Leaflet 60mins – 75 mins
DL 6 Page C-Fold / Z-Fold Leaflet 60mins – 90mins


A4 Poster 30mins – 60mins
A3 Poster 30mins – 60mins
A2 Poster 45mins – 75mins
A1 / A0 Poster 45mins – 75mins

Business Advertising

Feather / Teardrop Flags 30mins
Outdoor Banners 30mins – 60mins
Outdoor Signage (alupanel, correx boardetc) 15mins – 30mins 
Roller Banners (800mm x 2000mm) 45mins – 75 mins
Strut Cards 15mins – 45mins
Table Talkers 30mins – 60mins

Business Tools

Main Menus 60mins – 120mins
Drinks Menus 45 mins – 90mins
Dessert Menus 30mins – 60mins
Order Pads 15mins – 45mins
NCR / Duplicate / Triplicate Pads 15mins – 60mins
Social Media Advert (Per post) 15mins – 60mins
Social Media Campaign (5 Posts) 90mins – 180mins

Logo Design

Having a logo for your business is essential.It should be designed in a way that immediately engages your target customer and represents you, what you do and the essence of your business.It will be the core of all your future marketing – its colours, shapes and style will be used continuously, across all your chosen forms of marketing to create brand consitency, which in turn builds up familiarlarity, connection and trust with potential clientele.

Designing a logo is often one of the first steps in starting a business and it’s at this point that you should get it right!The most common processes of logo design are outlined below – see where you fit in and see how our marketing expertise will create a solid foundation for your business image.

Logo Re-Draw

Perhaps you have a logo that already resonates with your customers? Perhaps you just think it’s time to push your marketing avenues and need your existing logo sprucing up or need compatible files for different uses?

Example 1: Quite often, we are asked to design business stationery for a customer, who needs their logo to feature on it but they don’t have the suitable file format / the file they have is bad quality. In these cases we will need to redraw the logo, as a vector file is always best to use.

Average artwork time: 15mins-45mins – £10-£30 (this cost will be added to the design & print price of your business stationery)

Example 2: Your business stationery is all sorted but you want to expand your marketing reach via social media platforms. You want your branding to be professional ie: no pixellation or distortion. Your logo will be redrawn and you will be supplied with file as a PDF, EPS, Ai, PNG & JPEG. Additional to this, we will set your logo to the correct size and file formats for each of the social media platforms you need, to use as the profile picture.

Average artwork time: 30mins-45mins – £20-£30

low res high res logo examples
from £10 + VAT

Simple Text Logo

In some business fields, it can be more impactful to have your logo simply be your name or your business name. It’s direct, concise and in many ways can be most effective. If this is the route for you – it’s all about the font use, spacing and colour palette. Getting these right will be key in making its simplicity impressive.

Stage 1: You’ll be provided with three initial outlooks/layouts.

Stage 2: From there, let us know which parts you like of each and then a revised, combined update will be comprised to give your final text logo.

Average artwork time: 45mins-60mins – £30-£40

Need your logo in all file formats and different colourways? 15mins – £10

ppm print example logo

The Complete Package

Perhaps you are starting a new business? Perhaps you want to completely rebrand your current business? You may know exactly what you want in a logo or you may have no idea where to start! This process structure varies from business to business but will ultimately get you the logo design you desire to capture your target audience. Once your logo is decided, we’ll also make sure you’re good to go on all your social media platforms too! Typically, we aim to design the logo within these stages:

complete artwork support

Contact our team to get started

When you’re ready to get started, please get in contact with our friendly team of designers.

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Occasion Stationery

Greeting Cards 30mins – 45mins
Birthday / Party Invitations 30mins – 45mins
A5 4 Page Order of Service 30mins – 45mins
A5 8 Page Order of Service 45mins – 60mins
A5 12 Page Order of Service 60mins – 90mins
Memorial Cards (A7) 15mins – 30mins
A0 Photo Montage 60mins – 120mins
A1 Photo Montage 45mins – 90mins
A2 Photo Montage 30mins – 60mins
Save the Dates 15mins – 45mins
Wedding Invitations (Blank) 30mins – 60mins
Wedding Invitations (Personalised WithAll Guest Names) 60mins – 90mins
Wedding RSVP Cards 15mins – 30mins
Wedding Menu Cards 30mins – 45mins
Wedding Information Cards 15mins – 30mins
Wedding Place Cards (Blank) 15mins – 30mins
Wedding Place Cards (Personalised WithAll Guest Names) 30mins – 60mins
Table Plans (Personalised With All GuestNames) 45mins – 75mins
Thank You Cards 15mins – 30mins